"ADJA Code of Professional Conduct"

The ADJA encourages the highest in business ethics and performance standards

  • Be courteous and respectful
  • Tell the Truth
  • Return your phone calls in a timely manner
  • Be fair and competitive in our pricing
  • Listen to your needs
  • Setup early for the event
  • Dress appropriately
  • Play your selection of music
  • Assist in anyway to make your event successful
  • Do our very best for you
  • Be ENTHUSIASTIC and have FUN!!
  • Act in a manner unbecoming of a professional
  • Use offensive language
  • Drink alcohol or smoke
  • Perform in the presence of illegal drugs
  • Use Music stolen off the Internet
  • Play any music that contains foul language, is sexually offensive or demeaning
  • Offend you or your guests
  • Switch to another DJ prior to the event, without your permission
  • Have an unpleasant attitude

I, DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson and Jemstar Entertainment,
as a proud member of the American Disc Jockey Association,
commit myself to business excellence and will:

■  Operate my business in an ethically sound manner while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct.
■  Abide by all laws and regulations governing my professional activities.
■  Use legal forms of music and performance materials in the conduct of my entertainment services.
■  Be honest and realistic conveying talent, abilities, and level of services to my clients.
■  Deliver products and services to my clients, as promised, to the best of my abilities.
■  Use a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products, performance expectations and other essential information.
■  Provide a safe work environment with adequate protection for my clients & their guests.
■  Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities.

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Terms of Use

This code is set forth by the American Disc Jockey Association as a guideline for professional DJs in an attempt to establish a set of moral and ethical values with regard to the treatment of their businesses and their clients.

This code does not represent the entire scope of good conduct and ethical behavior.
I Accept and adhere to this code voluntarily and in no way represents the entire view of the professional DJ industry.


As a professional DJ, my personal character resides in my ability to communicate in a responsive and informative manner and is a prerequisite of quality service. My technical competence is acknowledged through my ability to recognize the types of functions I am capable of handling and being cognizant that falsifying those abilities does harm to both you and me.


  • I abide by all laws, rules, regulations, certification and licensing requirements applicable to my profession. All business and practices are conducted in strict accordance with all applicable laws, rules, professional standards.
  • I adhere and comply with all mandated National and International Copyright laws applying to the download and duplication of recorded music.


  • I use only those advertising and promotional practices, which fairly and accurately inform prospective clients and the public of my services, qualifications, credentials, and other relevant professional information.
  • Logos, emblems, designations, and registered trademarks are used in accordance with the government's guidelines. None of these tools are utilized in a manner that represents me as acting or speaking on behalf of an organization or association.
  • My advertising and promotional practices fairly and accurately reflect my professional and educational qualifications, experience, professional designations and areas of specialization.


  • I possess a solid understanding of my profession gained through practice and ongoing education.
  • Personal and professional conduct is of the utmost importance and is achieved by providing services with the highest degree of integrity.
  • Communication will be responsive, timely, informative and accurate. Appointments will be kept and information will be supplied to you regarding progress or when a problem arises which may affect your event.
  • A contract signed between you and Jemstar Entertainment will create a legal relationship and due care will be taken to keep detailed and accurate records.


  • Full disclosure of all pertinent information requires me to disclose all relevant and truthful information to you with regard to my past employment.
  • Disclosure of conflicts of interests (including personal, employment, prior or current) and the lack of experience will be a necessity.


  • I will charge fair and reasonable fees commensurate with the service being provided at all times. A reasonable fee shall depend on several factors such as: fees customarily charged in the locality, the amount of time required, the venue and my experience, reputation and ability.
  • I am ready to explain the basis for my fees, especially if you are uninformed as to the proper basis and measurement for these fees.
  • I will provide a written contract for all functions in order to avoid any misunderstanding and for the protection of all parties with whom I conduct business. This written contract will guarantee that all financial obligations and commitments are expressed prior to the beginning of the event. This financial agreement will include the possibility, but not the guarantee of any gratuity that may be offered upon the conclusion of any event.
  • Entering into an agreement imposes upon me the obligation of rendering a skilled and conscientious service.


  • I will hold in in strict confidence all information provided in confidence by you, associate or person requesting confidentiality and will not use confidential information for personal purposes or personal gain.
  • I owe the duty of confidentiality to every client and associate without exception, regardless of whether you are a continuing or casual client. This duty survives the personal relationship and will continue indefinitely after I have ceased to act for you or associate whether or not differences have risen between us.
  • I cannot render effective professional service unless there is full and unreserved communication between me and you. At the same time, disclosure by me may be permitted or required in order to defend myself against any allegation of malpractice or misconduct, or in legal proceedings to establish or collect fees, but only to the extent necessary for such purposes.

This compliance also includes the following: In performing services, I follow non-discriminatory practices without regard to race, creed, sex, national origin, and cooperate fully with the government in the enforcement of its rules and regulations.


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How's My DJing?
American Disc Jockey Association American Disc Jockey Association Yes... Even as a single-operator, I STILL answer to a higher power.

As a "single-operator" higher-profile American Disc Jockey Association chapter official, I am at all times obligated to demonstrate nothing less than the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

You may address any compliments (or complaints) in reference to performance, attitude or business practices about me or ANY Mobile Disc Jockey / Entertainment Company you may encounter to either of the following official over-seeing authorities:

Seminole, FL (mikey@adifferentdj.com)

20118 N. 67th Avenue Suite 300-605 Glendale, AZ 85308 (president@adja.org)

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