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Games! Games!
You want games?
We've got games!
In fact, we don't
"play around"
when it comes to games!

Be advised that the array of games in the world one can choose from is quite infinite.
So, what we've done here is chosen the most
timeless diversions
culled from years of entertainment experience and training.

~ This list is ordered by popularity
and is in no way even CLOSE to being final. ~

Trivia Parties ◄ Indicates AUTOMATIC WIRELESS BUZZERS are used in the game!

BEST OR BETTER (Coke & Pepsi) - The most requested game by kids, especially at Mitzvahs. And, the funny thing is: No two groups of children seem to agree on how it should be played.

We originally started out playing it conventionally by splitting players into two groups of girls vs. boys. We would play a little music and then stop the music, explaining that this would be the time I would either yell out 'Coke' or 'Pepsi', Coke, signifying that the boys should get on one knee, while the girls were to find an empty knee to sit on. The last one to find an empty knee and/or those who couldn't find a knee would be counted 'out'. If 'Pepsi' was yelled, then the vice-versa would occur.

Another version, called "Best Or Better" (devised by one of South Florida's leading mobile entertainment minds MARC WEINSTOCK) culminates the above version with a few different commands; One side (team) is instead deemed "BETTER", and the other "BEST".

In addition to calling out "better or best", We'll call out other slightly nutty commands the players must perform...

For example:

  • If we were to yell "BART SIMPSON", players would have to run to the middle of the floor and yell, "DON'T HAVE A COW, MAN!"

  • "WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE" would require all players to get on one knee with one hand in the air and recite "TO BE OR NOT TO BE!", then stand back up

  • "WHO WANTS TRIDENT" (Classic GUM commercial from the 90's) - Players respond "I DO I DO!"... and so on.

Older versions had the DJ calling out "7-Up" to get contenders to freeze or else be called out, and then "Dr. Pepper" meant that people should all huddle in the middle of the dance floor, and the last one there was out. Variations made "Dr. Pepper" indicate finding someone to stand back-to-back linking arms with their partner, or "7-Up" calls for players to "dos-e-doe" and then run back to the end of the dance floor.

Either way, we have of late decided to eliminate versions using "Dr. Pepper" and "7-Up" because we've found this to be too injurious. Youngins' were slamming into other contestants and being swung across the floor as if they were dancing in a mosh pit at some 80's punk rock concert. Seeing parent's jaws dropping indicated that perhaps this pastime wasn't worth our insurance premiums.

Pudgy-Bunny Pudgy Bunny - This game is a knock-down, laugh-out-loud, get-your-camera-grandma, unbelievably amazingly funny riot of a game to watch that just begs to be photographed and documented for family posterity. This game intends to ascertain which party goer is best suited to retain the most high-fructose material within their facial cavity; In other words, who's got the biggest mouth!

Each contestant (preferably no more than 10 to 15; No one with dental-work PLEASE) initially receives one marshmallow to place in their mouth. All are instructed not to chew, swallow or 'masticate' their marshmallow. There is a garbage can strategically placed within common view and in front of all those participating; The reason for this will become apparent. The next task for each player is to audibly and successfully say into the microphone provided before them this easy phrase: "Pudgy Bunny".

Sound easy? Sure... But now, each participator receives another TWO marshmallows and told to try the phrase again. It actually gets tougher.

The next round, they receive another THREE mallows, and so on and so on.

Soon, you have people put in a position that they've never been put before: Their faces are streaming with white, pasty goo and yuck rolling down their chins as they struggle to utter words that only moments ago seemed so easy to tackle. Sometimes, those that are filled with too much laughter blocked by those pillows of sugar in their mouths have no alternative but to run for the waste can standing before them to expectorate the contents from their maw; EWWWW! They gotta spit it out! Before long, our group of contenders is whittled down to a mere few, to which, finally, we produce two champions who are subsequently dubbed the winners, announced as those with the 'biggest mouths in the room'. How nice!

Yes... This game has its risks; There are many fellow entertainers who choose to avoid this game because of word of mishaps that have occurred in the past. To this, we can sincerely say that we have been performing this amusement safely and uneventfully for way over 30 years, and have never had a single problem. An experienced watchful eye (and sometimes, a hand) is always kept on all that play. If you don't have a problem with this game as described and if you will trust our abilities as eyeful officials, then this diversion is strongly recommended as a highlight to your party.


BUTT HEAD - It's a team Nerf-ball-toss game that forces you to use your head! Consists of a Velcro-laden cap for each team member, points in four quadrants of the head, with three Nerf-balls per each team of two (up to three teams). Player One tosses (lobs) one ball over to their team mate (across the floor) who must catch it with their HEAD ONLY. They must work together with precision to score... but they can never use their hands! Fun and challenging!


Pyramid 21 - This exciting relay race uses colored plastic picnic cups to construct a pyramid.

Three teams are formed and lined up across the floor from a traffic cone that is holding a stack of 21 plastic cups, colored for their team (red, green or white). At the whistle, the first person in line runs across the floor, grabs a cup, runs to the center of the floor and places it on the ground  to begin constructing a pyramid. They then run to the back of their line as the next person in procession goes to do the same thing, etc, until the pyramid is complete. The runner waiting for their teammate to return cannot proceed until he/she tags up at the starting line. The team with the first completed structure wins. How the pyramid is structured is unimportant as long as the configuration is a standing pyramid. AND, OF COURSE, if somehow the construction is toppled, the person guilty for the "de-construction" must pick up the cups and place them in a stack BACK ON THE TRAFFIC CONE as their team is required to begin again (If a player "accidentally" knocks over an opponent's pyramid, then they must begin to reconstruct their OWN as well).

Movie Soundtrack Trivia Movie Soundtrack ~or~ TV Theme Trivia - This tests the audio recall-association knowledge of everyone who wants to participate (from young to old). In English, it means guess which movie or TV show the song we're playing comes from.

Trivia Parties All participants (up to 6 individuals or teams) are assigned a wireless buzzer device, noting that anyone buzzing in before the track is played will lose a point. A sturdy mature volunteer is asked to pay attention to who buzzes in to hold a microphone in the face of players who recognize performed tracks. Anyone from the audience blurting out the correct answer before the legal contestant will cause all players to be disqualified for that song (and/or points lost from the score if blurted by a contestant). Points are awarded (a la Trivia Parties Jeopardy) for each correct answer. The contestant or team with the most correct answers can be awarded a prize.

Another version of this game is even more popular when played to guess TV themes from the 50's (I Love Lucy) to the present (House Of Cards).

Extreme Survivor Challenge / Scavenger Hunt - Monty Hall would've been proud; Everyone is told of an object that they must find, whether individually or in teams. The first one to produce such object receives a prize; Hopefully not the object they just produced. Items asked for, for example, can be such things as certain coins, perhaps a paperclip, a car key, a blade of grass, a bottle cap, etc.

The MOST popular way of doing this event is combining it with Musical Chairs, making it an even more exciting elimination-style game!

Hula Hoops - Must we explain this? Oh, well, okay.

Whoever can hula hoop the best and/or longest wins.

Need we say more?


Limbo - The world famous classic from the islands! The way we usually like to do this is by putting on a long version of Miami Sound Machine's 'Conga', as we dance out to the dance floor with a pole, non-verbally instructing all those who wish to participate to come on up and form a line. We might get a volunteer to help hold up the pole as we incrementally lower its height while the line recycles ("Limbo liddle LOWER, now").

Please note: This activity, as fun as it is, tends to be impossible to come up with an actual 'winner'. So, the way we tend to do it is: No one gets counted out so that all can get back on line to try again. However, if desired, this event can be structured as an elimination contest with a final prize awarded.

Dance-Off / Step-Maker - Time to show us your moves! Here, we test the ingenuity of your celebrant's guests, asking them to actually invent a new dance right before our eyes! Up to FIVE contestants line up shoulder-to-shoulder arms-length distance apart in a straight line. Each one is asked to demonstrate their "favorite move"... Once we've completed the line and seen everybody's steps, we then put it all together to form one stupendous new dance (named after the Guest Of Honor)... Of course, each contestant has to remember and demonstrate the newly invented dance steps.

Trivia Parties Face-Off Word Pursuit or Musically Talking - Using my wireless buzzer system, two players face each other (or two TEAMS forming lines of players face each other). They must quickly come up with words associated to a subject given to them (Yes, not unlike Dick Clark's $20,000 Pyramid). The first one to fail or stall loses and the next challenger steps up to try to conquer the champ.

This game can alternately be played by the contestants trying to have a conversation with each other using SONG TITLES only;

For example...

  • Player 1: "Hey Jude"

  • Player 2: "Danny Boy"

  • Player 1: "Do You love Me"

  • Player 2: "Can't Help Falling In Love"

  • Player 1: "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"

  • Player 2: "I'm Leaving On A Jet Airplane"

  • Player 1: "Thanks For The Memories"

Mummy Wrap - This old picnic-time Halloween stand-by is still as popular as ever; Self-explanatory, yet played differently where ever you go. We like to have up to six teams, choosing one person per team to be the 'wrapee', each using a different brand of toilet paper (I.E. The Charmin Team vs. the Scott Team vs. The Ultra-Quilted Northern Team, etc) to the tune of "Walk Like An Egyptian". The guest of honor and a friend usually do the judging honors.


Twist Contest - Chubby Checker's classic, The Twist, has always enticed dancers to the floor, but here, we'll reward one male and one female that most impresses us in their twisting technique. We tend to also look for originality.

Lip-Sync Showdown - Not exactly Karaoke; This game requires the contestant(s) to pretend to know the lyrics to a song (chosen by yours truly). Participants are put into teams as the guest of honor (plus a friend) is made to be the judge while each group will come up and attempt to 'mouth' to whichever song we have secretly chosen. The fun part tends to be which song we might choose. The tune may be conventional, OR it could be quite bizarre. Either way, the squad that best represents the selection wins.

OK... If you want, we can do the version of this game that has the teams choosing the songs they want.

Trivia Parties Mystery Songs - Kind of like 'Name That Tune', The first few moments of a popular song is played so that players can name the tune. Each correctly buzzed-in answer gets a small prize (or a point for team play). For the young ones, the songs will be whatever's currently playing on the radio. You would be amazed at how keen and attune kids are as they knock down each title like flies purely from the first few notes.

Red Light / Green Light - All participants gather at one end of the dance floor while the DJ yells "green light." At this command, the crowd moves forward as quickly as possible. At intermittent intervals, the DJ yells, "red light." At this command, the crowd is to immediately stop. If the DJ sees anyone moving (running a red light), they must return to the starting point and try again. The first player to reach the finish line without running a red light is the winner. A guest of honor plus one other typically is asked to work as "Line Judges"

Statues - Similar to 'Red Light / Green Light', the DJ plays music while intermittently unexpectingly stopping it. When the music stops, the crowd immediately freezes into whatever position they are in. Those that move are out of the game. The pace gets faster, and the castoffs become greater.

Hey! If you got any other games that are not listed here,
we're always all ears!

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