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Frequently Asked Questions


Jemstar Entertainment will prove to be a sound choice for your entertainment value.

Why? The answer is simple.

DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson / Jemstar Entertainment answers Questions For any function, I believe the event to be as important as you do. My secret is adopting your party as if it were my own.... especially a wedding reception or Bar / Bat Mitzvah because these events happen only once in your life and that's it

As an entertainment professional, I hold a total passionate commitment to bring you the finest quality Mobile Entertainment at a reasonable price. To obtain our mutual goal, I have been a mobile Disc-Jockey / Emcee Entertainer since 1983.

Please see 'About Me' and/or 'My Promise To You'.

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What is an Emcee?

An emcee (MC) is a Master Of Ceremonies. I will announce all the traditional highlights such as introducing the Bridal Party or Bar / Bat Mitzvah, etc, first dances, toasts, cutting of cake and / or candle lighting, and bouquet and garter toss. Essentially, I act as a host to your guests, a la Tom Bergeron, Ryan Seacrest, or Ed Sullivan.

Please see ''Why It's More Than Just About The Music''.

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Who lets the caterer, photographer and videographer know when it's time for these events?

That would be me. I will coordinate with these professionals for the traditional highlights, and let them know when I will be making these announcements.

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Do I pay for you to set up your equipment and to take it down?

No way. You pay only for the scheduled time that appears on the contract to play music. I will arrive earlier than the contracted time to set up plus stay later than the contracted time for removal.

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What does my party room need to supply?

The DJ AREA should be positioned directly ABUT/adjacent to the dance floor, designated dance area, or vicinity deemed to be the "point of focus".

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When should I reserve my disc-jockey / entertainer / MC?

Jemstar Entertainment can be contracted as soon as you have a date. It is not uncommon for Brides and Mitzvah Moms to reserve my services at least a year in advance.

Haven't found a venue yet? The location can be called in a few weeks prior to your date without having to be named in your Agreement.

The important thing is to get your occasion confirmed.

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What are participation activities?

Participation activities are those traditional (although these days, shunned by most brides-to-be) "interactive" dances that have been passed down through generations; For instance, the Locomotion became the 1970's Soul Train and is now the Party Train. Similar dances would include the Conga or Hot Hot Hot. There activities remain to be tons of fun for guests of all ages to participate in without even knowing how to dance (which is why lots of folks STILL come to special events looking forward to these activities... Believe it!).

Don't forget about the Ketchup Dance, Electric Slide, Cha-Cha Slide, Chicken Dance, Y.M.C.A., Macarena and Hokey Pokey
for the kids. There's also tons of games such as Movie Soundtrack Trivia, Pudgy-Bunny or Coke & Pepsi.

However... Even though I am experienced in choosing fun and appropriate activities, I must mention that these diversions are thought of to be unoriginal (and to most people these days, embarrassing) to participate in. Therefore, I make a concerted effort to avoid these dances unless otherwise instructed by you (the client).

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How are you "interactive"?

When I say, "interactive", I can be talking to the guests and/or audience with or without a microphone.

My interactivity is one of my secrets to my success.

I always tell my clients that if during any part of my performance I become "too interactive" than communicated during consultation, whether one feels uncomfortable from any type of interaction, I ask for advisement to "tone-down" (or even "tone-up", if desired) any such activity, just as one would if they felt that the volume required adjusting.

Interactivity levels are subjective to all individuals and/or circles, as any incorrect interpretation is best avoided by complete communications during pre-planning consultations.

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I know I get to choose my First Dance plus Father / Daughter Dance, but do I have to make a music list for you?

You don't HAVE to... You may if you prefer... but I love to play a wide variety of music for all generations. As a seasoned professional, I know what music will work for your guests, especially after thorough consultations between you and I. Plus, I'm always asking you and your guests for requests. Requests are what drives me. If you'd like, you may view my music collection now and even make a request list automatically by clicking here.

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How do I make a confirmation?

You may fill out a contact form here and follow the instructions that will send me all your information, and then you can make a payment or pay a Booking Fee right here on line via PayPal. Just click on various payment links found all around my site, including at the bottom of most pages, or by clicking on the 'PayPal' seal on the first (main) page. Alternately (If you prefer) I can mail you a contract that you can fill and return in a self addressed return envelope (Postage paid by yours truly of course) along with your correct deposit amount by the expiration date listed on the top portion of the contract. For Wedding and Mitzvah clients, the ideal way is to set up a personal consultation appointment during which you may confirm your date by signing an Agreement and handing me a check or credit card number at that point. We can meet at your place (or wherever you feel most comfortable), your venue hall, or favorite local eating place like Panera Bread or Barnes & Noble.

Confirmation is made by either payment OR signed Agreement... However, BOTH must be fulfilled before planning and performance can proceed.

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If you are not familiar with the rules &/or standards of my venue, will you call them to find out?

As a wedding entertainment professional, calling venues or getting in touch with venue representatives in advance is firmly within my routine. I also typically have no problem getting information as I'm setting up for the event, especially since it's better to talk to the person in charge at that point right when they are there for your reception and focused on your affair. But, if you know something about your venue for any reason that is unique to their routine that you think I should know, I'll be happy to give them a call them further in advance. The standard situations that I'm usually most concerned about are:

  • Placement of DJ area

  • Event Timeline

  • Fog machine policies

  • Champagne service

  • Table dismissal

  • Cake cutting practices

  • Pre-introduction routines

  • Setup and breakdown loading and unloading polices

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OK... So what ARE your prices?

I currently am able to command the national average ($1200) (The Tampa Bay average is $800) for full-service Wedding and/or Mitzvah services BEFORE considerations for time of year and/or week; For most other events, I pretty much charge HALF of that.

Does charging the average make me "average"? Not by a long-shot... My uniqueness, humor and personality is well conveyed thru-out this site (at least that's what I'm frequently told). See my References.

According to the American Disc-Jockey Association...

Disc Jockey rates vary based on talent, experience, emcee ability, service, coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality.

Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly, ranging from $350.00 to over $5,000.00 with an average of $1,200.00 for a 4-6 hour booking. The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As a matter of fact, surveys conclude that nearly 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority in hindsight.

A full-service disc jockey company (like Jemstar) will normally invest 12 to 30 hours to your special event but it may appear that you are only paying for "4-6 hours". Consultations, music purchasing & editing, preparation, set-up and tear-down, education and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion. See Let's Break Down A Full-Time Professional Entertainer/MC/DJ's Time

Having problems finding pricing from other DJs? See article Why Is It So Darn Hard To Get A Simple Straight Answer Rate Quote From A Wedding DJ?

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I'm a DJ who's new in town.

Welcome! If you consider yourself a DJ, and you're boppin' around my site looking for any information you can find, please refer to the following page: Fellow DJs Who Are New On The Block...Looking For My Pricing Info...

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Are there any additional fees involved {travel, setup, assistant, custom play list charges, etc.}?

No, none, nada.

Right now, all of my rates include everything that you may need, including DJ travel (Remember, We enjoy serving all of Florida), lodging, special music requests, cocktail / dinner music, setup, breakdown AND lights for weddings, Mitzvahs and Christmas/New Years Eve. The only things you may be charged extra for would be any extra lighting and/or fog, overtime (time not covered on your contract), service for your actual wedding ceremony if needed, or any extra personnel you may request.

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What do all your regular price quotes / "packages" normally NOT include?

The following are currently considered available additions:

  • Except for Weddings and Mitzvahs, any extra over-time going past (or added before) the package's allotted minimum contracted "performance time"

  • Upgraded club-style dance-area lighting and FX (except for Mitzvahs)

  • Video / Screen / Projector

  • Decorative Uplighting

  • Additional MC / DJ

  • Large venue sound reinforcement

  • Photo Booth

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Do we have complete freedom to pick our music?

You bet! My number one policy involves bending over backwards for anything you might need. I also pride myself on the infinite inventory of our music collection, so I prefer to take requests from you and your guests along with all the usual songs, mixers and events that you would come to expect at fun wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah receptions. Of course, extensive advance consultation between you and I is usually required, which is when we will discuss any music preferences you may have. You may even make a request list by clicking here.

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Will you accept music from us if it's not in your library?

In fact, it is encouraged... especially when you require music of the ethnic variety. But I challenge you to not find what you want in my library. See for yourself here.

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What will the DJ perform {presentation of the wedding parties, introducing family members, calling for dances, etc.}?

All of the above and more.

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Do you have (and / or) may I see a video of your performance?

" Requesting uncut video footage is one of the best ways to verify the true skills and talents of a DJ."
- Peter Merry Author of "The Best Wedding Reception Ever"

I am currently hectically composing better (and shorter) ones with not much luck in finding footage that I think would impress anyone... with me being the perfectionist that I am... but you're welcome to see what I've got so far at my YouTube page (I really need to polish these up... My sincere apologies in advance).

But, even if I did have something worthy completed for you to see, what would you expect to see on it? And if you didn't see what you are looking for, would it affect your decision to become a client? Wouldn't one expect me to put only my finest moments into the presentation? How would that assist you? Everyone's event is different, and so will yours be. Nothing should be 'cookie-cutter; Everything here is "cooked fresh-to-order".

I have worked for thousands of clients and tons of Brides and Grooms and Mitzvahs, etc, and none of them have ever said to me, "I would like the same old thing that everyone else is getting please." Every client is different, and I have to start off by assuming that you consider yourself different too. The odds are that any video presentation that I could make would probably even DETER your choice away from my services because since everyone is different, you will most likely not find what you're seeking in the tape, and might even see something that you don't want (something in biz we call, "landmines").

In lieu of a video presentation, my hope would be to demonstrate my value within a scheduled personal consultation (free of charge). I would love to sit down with you and chat about all your vision and desires for your special occasion.
OR... may I suggest a look at my
references? These folks can sell me better than I can any day! Like Dr. McCoy would've said to the great Captain Kirk (if "Bones" was a DJ), "For God sakes, Jim... I'm an entertainer ... Not a salesman!"

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Any way I can come see you at a performance?

The answer here is very similar to the one above...

No, I do not allow or invite strangers to my client's events. I consider these events private and personal.

Anyone who advises you to be wary of DJ/Entertainers who do not allow you to come see them in performance are quite misinformed. Even if my client did allow for you to come take a peek, what would you expect to see me do? And if you didn't see what you are looking for, would it affect your decision to become a client? Would you expect me to do for you the same thing I do for someone else? Again... Everyone's event is different, and so will be yours. Nothing is 'cookie-cutter; Everything here is "cooked fresh-to-order".

"Many of the bridal magazines and books over the years have encouraged brides to request an opportunity to see their prospective DJ in action at a live wedding reception. This advice is not only misguided, it can be downright harmful to the current bride/ client as well as the prospective bride/client. When a DJ is performing at a wedding reception, they are "on stage" for at least 4 hours, if not much longer. When a prospective bride/client drops by to watch the DJ in action, she will typically only witness 20 minutes of their total performance. Depending on where they are in the overall agenda, she might only get to see the DJ playing background music during the meal. lf the DJ is aware that the prospective bride/client is "dropping by", their focus may become split between fulfilling their current bride/client's agenda and "auditioning" for their prospective bride/ client. Strangers should never be allowed to "crash" your own wedding reception, so don't contribute to this problem by crashing someone else's wedding reception when there are already much better ways to verify a DJ's skills and talents."
- Excerpt From a book all brides should have, "The Best Wedding Reception Ever" by Peter Merry

In lieu of crashing some stranger's cherished party, my hope would be to demonstrate my value within a scheduled personal consultation (free of charge). I would love to sit down with you and chat about all your vision and desires for your special occasion.

... OR ...

May I suggest taking a look at my references? These folks can sell me better than I can any day!

Believe me, I understand your concerns...I really do...this is a big investment you're making, and you want to make it count. So do I. So here's what I am offering: I am willing to invest some time in your happiness. Would you be willing to meet and explore the options? We'll have fun and I'm here to help you have exactly what you're looking for. I am also hoping you'll find that the way you see me in person is the same way I am as a host to your guests; I'm a very natural performer with no over-the-top "shtick". What you see is what you get. It's my life; It's what I do (something most humans fear doing: public announcing)

I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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Do DJs get gratuities? What's the customary amount?

This is a touchy subject...

Yes, DJ / Mobile Entertainers do appreciate tips.

Although... I never expect a tip... I just endeavor to give you the performance that you want and more.

The best tip for me is your honest opinion of how well of a job I'm doing for you.

Money doesn't buy my confidence... Words do. Ilove words people! Good-sincere-words.

As for how much gratuity, there's no defined customary amount... However (if you feel so inclined) whichever the amount you feel my service was worth more than you were charged makes a great rule of thumb.

Alternatively (whenever funds on-hand are short), a plate (or Tupperware) loaded with leftovers is actually AWESOME. Allow me to help you lighten your load home! ;)

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Do I have to (or may I) feed you?

Here's my current policy on this matter: NO.


I am on the job working (for you) when I'm doing my thing. Do you eat while you're at work?

My goal is to be as professional as possible; What's more... eating weighs me down when I want to be light on my feet for your performance (AND makes for non-savory breath).

Look at me... Do I LOOK like I have any business eating? Can you imagine what DJs would look like if we all said "YES" to every bride that offered us a piece of cake at their wedding? Imagine... Wedding cake once a week... My brother the cardiologist would LOVE that kind of diet for HIS patients!

Alternatively (when possible), having a plate available to take home would be much preferable.

However (of course there's a 'however'), some of my clients have been known to be quite adamant about bodily sitting me down to eat to the point of threatening our business relationship in order to do so. If you do intend to break my 'Eating Policy', you would need to inform me as such, "Jeff... I intend to break your 'Eating Policy'. Put the unit on 'Auto-Pilot', set your butt down and for God sakes EAT! DJ" :)

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What can you tell me about your services and/or performances that sets you apart from all the rest?

In reality, absolutely NOTHING.

All professional entertainers are pretty much the same; We all use professional equipment, we all have extensive music collections, we all come appropriately attired... etc... etc... blah, blah, blah.

What sets us ALL apart is our PERSONALITY, UNIQUENESS (just like any actor, singer, or any other personality you'd see on TV or in the movies) and HOW we do what you need us to do.

"A Talented DJ should be ready to answer this question with gusto. Keep in mind that most DJs do the same things, but it is how they do what they do that truly sets them apart. Most DJs return phone calls. Some do it quickly and some will get back to you in few days. Most DJs will introduce your First Dance. Some will do it in a very personalized way while others might say the same exact thing they have said at every reception for the last 5 years. This question should also be asked of anyone who is recommending you to a particular DJ, whether they are a friend or a wedding vendor. If the DJ says they are the same as all of the rest, but they're just cheaper, this should tell you that they are relying on a low price as their primary attraction. The truth is, if they could do "the same things" in the same way that enables other DJs in their region to charge higher fees, increased demand for their services would enable them to charge just as much if not more as those other DJs."
- Excerpt From a book all brides should have, "The Best Wedding Reception Ever" by Peter Merry

We CAN tell you THIS: DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson is one of the few Mobile Entertainers (possibly 10%) in the Tampa Bay area that DJs...

  • main 40-60 hours a week... has no employees as he does every aspect of the business by himself... including all marketing, networking, art-work, web design, office paperwork, planning and performance.

  • have the passion and dedication with one objective in mind... and that is to devote all effort and attention into making your event the best, memorable experience possible.

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    How's My DJing?
    American Disc Jockey Association American Disc Jockey Association Yes... Even as a single-operator, I STILL answer to a higher power.

    As a "single-operator" higher-profile American Disc Jockey Association chapter official, I am at all times obligated to demonstrate nothing less than the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

    You may address any compliments (or complaints) in reference to performance, attitude or business practices about me or ANY Mobile Disc Jockey / Entertainment Company you may encounter to either of the following official over-seeing authorities:

    Seminole, FL (

    20118 N. 67th Avenue Suite 300-605 Glendale, AZ 85308 (

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