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The Tools We Use

What brought you to this page?

How important is which equipment a professional DJ uses...
versus the MOST important piece of equipment in his inventory;

This article is in no way intended to impress anyone (because it shouldn't)...
It is merely here to answer the question whenever it's occasionally asked.

Professional DJs have a general rule of thumb taught to us by great masters of the craft that we practice that teaches: focusing on the equipment which we use is no more pertinent to the success of your event than the tools a carpenter or a plumber may use during a routine visit to your home. We're sure you wouldn't ask what kind of wrenches your mechanic uses when you drop off your car. We never want to be thought of as one with a "Gadget-Based" mentality. Our equipment merely enhances whatever talent and education that we've been given.

In fact... it is our belief that any proven professional DJ should be able to run a complete show via a battery-operated boom-box if necessary. Don't laugh... Believe it or not, that exact necessity actually HAS occurred to us once in our history following a terrible rainstorm at a posh wedding & reception in Orlando (circa 2003) which took out both our main system AND our backup.

Although we had received one of the biggest gratuities that day, It was also the day we made the bold decision to go absolutely digital.

But... we also realize that the most savvy person planning an event wants to feel comfort in the fact that their chosen DJ will use the finest in state-of-the-art professional sound systems.

This page will attempt to vouch that, YES... we most certainly do.

If this subject is important to you, whether because...

  • You wanted to make sure we use professional equipment...

  • You are a fellow Mobile DJ boppin' round The Internet checkin' out other Tampa Bay area DJs (If so, WELCOME!)...

  • You're looking to RENT this equipment...

... then we humbly invite you to peruse all the following information.

Please note that as professionals our inventory is routinely upgraded
in order to maintain the highest standards set forth by the American Disc Jockey Association
and the general DJ Community.

Equipment; The Tools We Use; This is actually one of our older set-ups

All items ( in off-white ) below also act as links to their brand, manufacturer or distributor ( in white).

ALPHA SYSTEM [Primary] -
The following makes the trip to (and gets "begrudgingly" hauled in and out of) the majority of our events

BETA SYSTEM [Secondary / Back-up / Remote Location Wedding Ceremonies / Game-Video Applications / Upgraded Packages]

KAPPA SYSTEM [Super Emergency / Back-up / Remote / Wireless / Battery-Operated Sound Support]

Rane Audio Electronics MixMeister PCDJ Karaoke Jones / TM Century Professional Music Subscription Full Tilt Remix "Remixes Done Right!" Select Mix / Hot Tracks DigiGames - Contestant WIRELESS mobile lock out game show quiz buzzers. Game show systems from ElectroVoice Audio Chauvet Lighting Shure Professional Microphones SkyDancers Air Puppets Behringer Electronics American DJ Audio Phonic Audio Electronics Pioneer Electronics Carvin Speakers

DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson / Jemstar Entertainment employing Facade Set-Up DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson / Jemstar Entertainment set-up with SkyDancers Air Puppets [] DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson / Jemstar Entertainment set-up with ''Basic Lighting/FX''; Always brings the energy up!

But again...
Does any of this REALLY matter?

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