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Seasons Greetings - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Jemstar Entertainment Holiday Parties

Tis the season to be jolly!
So hey...

Let's have a party!

Here comes that Norelco baby, slidin' down across the countryside snow... which means you know it's time to get all of your friends and co-workers together to celebrate the Holidays. Whether we gather because it's that time of year or, the Reason For The Season that we just want to celebrate the birth of Christ... either way, anything's a great excuse to whoop it up with our friends, family (and co-workers). NOW you're barking up my alley (Gee, I love mixing metaphors)!

And... mixing is what we all do best during Holiday Parties, isn't it?
bartender mixes the drinks... the chef mixes the batter... and you mix with the boss on the dance floor while I skillfully mix the music.

We know Corporate Holiday Parties!...

Is THIS How You'd Like It To Go?

All the guests will make their entrances, one by one, two by two, clique by clique, department by department... and the music might be seasonal, yet cheery, and light enough so that all can talk amongst themselves and enjoy each other's company (yet not be embarrassed) outside of their normal realm.

If you are in charge of putting together your company festivity, then you may already be aware of the possible up-stream battle that may lie before you, in that co-workers may tend to be shy when it comes to getting loose in front of their supervisors. A professional DJ is sensitive to this matter, and knows many 'tricks' that one can use to break the ice when necessary.

Perhaps trivia games (holiday-related or not) can lighten the atmosphere. I have also found that holiday parties don't necessarily always require holiday music at all, but it usually tends to be appropriate.

Whichever kind of music is played during Cocktails (however), will always remain light, lovely... yet, upbeat all the way thru dinner (unless otherwise advised / requested). But when dinner is over, after corporate presentations and/or door prizes (if any), then the revelry begins.

Be advised: Unlike many other DJs, I love taking requests. I love the challenge of seeing whether I carry in my infinite music collection anything and everything that anyone may ask for. I'm almost neurotic about it; My ALL-DIGITAL collection is updated (and clean-edited) daily with all the latest hits just as they hit the charts.

At infrequent times, holiday-related games and activities are recommended to make the event more interesting. I say it this way because I personally prefer to keep holiday parties elegant... letting the music, dancing, mixers and guests do the talking on the dance floor. Our options are virtually ENDLESS... Let's discuss!
Better make sure we procure enough prizes!

Laughing all the way.

Call or click today to set up a personal non-obligation consultation to discuss your holiday event.

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What... Me Santa?

Book Your Christmas / Holiday / New Years Eve Party

All Holiday events include up to SIX HOURS performance time;

Including everything one might need:
Yours truly (DJ / MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson), Basic elegant dance floor Lighting/FX, unlimited planning consultations, event coordination with event vendors, travel for performance, specially requested music, materials for games, set-up, breakdown, cocktail hour, dinner music and interactive events.

Available Additional Options Include:
Upgraded dance floor lighting/FX and/or fog*, Karaoke, Video / Projection, Photo Booth, Streamers, Additional performance time, Additional required personnel, such as dancers and/or technicians (subject to availability).

* Fog is water-based. May not be permitted at all venues.
Please consult your venue representative for fire control device sensitivity.


Oy vey! What a PARTY!

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All prices quoted effective until December 31st 2018.

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