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Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

The big 13... Geez! It went by so fast. And now, it's time to celebrate the coming of age. Oy! Hide the wallet... Here comes Mom screaming to her kid, "We're gonna throw you a great big simcha with ALL the trimmings! This is going to be the biggest wing-ding since the wedding! Now, for Pete sake please go throw out the garbage."

Yes... This celebration is to be very special... So extraordinary that the range of DJ companies that cater to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs is quite wide. At the high end, there are the $5000 (and up) complete productions with DJs, MCs, dancers, videographers, games, lighting, props, giveaways, contests, carnival midway and the entire road crew from "Cats". Add personalized items like the celebrant's video biography, other family history presentations and the price goes up above the stratosphere.

And then, there's me. Just me... I take care of everything the way we used to do it before what we now refer to as the "New York" style of Mitzvah parties came to be: Conventionally.

Optionally, you could just throw a smaller party (perhaps at home) simply for the kids (so they can merely enjoy their favorite songs) with maybe a few chaperones. I offer such an option; I call it the "Mitzvah Hop4Kidz". Compassionately to today's wallet, a lot of young adults DO go for this.

How about throwing TWO PARTIES; One for the kids, and then another for the grown-ups? I've actually begun to offer this option as a solid solution to appease BOTH sides of the fence; a reduced double-party package I call my "Mitzvah Hop4Kidz Combo."

But, THEN... how about something in between? Something that's not quite just for the KIDS, but with a few beloved ADULTS sprinkled in as well? THIS I offer as my "Mitzvah Hop4Kidz-PLUS" Package!

All I'm suggesting is that just because everyone else in the shul is going competitively crazy, why should you? Who says you can't go "Old-School" and actually have just "ONE nice party with ONE nice DJ where everyone can just have fun"?

Laura & Lauren judge the Lip-Sync Contest. Happy Mitzvah & Mom Book Your Bar / Bat Mitzvah

These events include up to a FOUR HOUR performance time minimum;
Includes everything one might typically need:
Yours truly
(DJ/MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson), Dance Floor Lights/Fog FX*, unlimited consultations (typically in the comfort of your home or event venue), vendor coordination, travel for performance, specially requested music, materials for games, set-up, breakdown, cocktail (Guest Arrival) hour, dinner music and interactive events mentioned above.

Available Options Include:
Decorative room Up-Lighting, Karaoke, Video / Projection, Streamers, Additional performance hours contracted over suggested amount, Photo Booth, Party Favors / Giveaway Prizes etc. additional necessary personnel; dancers and/or technicians.

* Fog is water-based. May not be permitted at all venues. Please consult your venue representative for fire control device sensitivity.

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All prices quoted effective until December 31st 2018.

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"More Than Just About The Music!"

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