DJ / MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson; Photo by Brian C. Idocks

Here's Why I Always Say Your Event Is...

"MORE Than Just About The Music"

As a professional entertainer / DJ / MC, I accept ALL of the following responsibilities on your behalf:

  • MC / Entertainer
  • DJ / Creative Music Player
  • Event / Party Planner
  • Experienced Educator
  • Problem Solver / Avoider
  • Information Booth
  • Flow Conductor
  • Group Leader
  • Mediator
  • Source Of Stability
  • Appreciative Provider
  • Newest Best Friend

MC / Entertainer - Personally and individually works each event, interacting with the guests and encouraging participation through humor, leadership and a positive attitude. You get a proven Olympic Class performer, who knows how to produce in even the most high pressure, high stress working environments. A proven professional who doesn't panic.

"DJ": A human JUKEBOX, without thought or feeling...
"ENTERTAINER": A therapist using Fun as a cure.

DJ / Creative Music Player - When it's time to dance, he mixes a wide variety of great dance music from an infinite collection of digital tunes to invigorate and energize the audience.

Event / Party Planner - Ever heard the expression, "You can never be too thin or too rich"? Yeah, me too. But rich and thin have nothing to do with party planning, trust me. When it comes to entertaining, "you can never be TOO organized!" And you can quote me.

Experienced Educator - Responsible for implementing program curriculum using event appropriate activities. Provide help to the client and their guests in providing appropriate education in areas of the event. This includes but is not limited to, implementing activities, dining, dancing, communicating professionally with guests, and providing an entertaining environment for everyone. Responsible for planning and implementing specific activities under client's guidance and wishes. Interacts with guests to facilitate fun during all events. Attends guest's physical and emotional needs. Interacts with guests in a positive, sensitive, professional and informative manner; Maintain and keep confidential all information on client.

Problem Solver / Avoider - After lots of meetings, training, and conversations, I've discovered that most people don't have any idea how to solve a problem. Problems can seem pretty awful at times, but if we didn't have problems, I would not be needed, have a job, or have an opportunity to serve you to my fullest capacity. Then, again, perhaps an experienced DJ knows how to avoid problems all together.

Information Booth - The DJ is typically the conduit for everyone's questions.

Flow Conductor - A professional DJ / MC worth his salt will be the conductor, because he could feel the audience and thus make the music and activities flow as they were flowing and move as they were moving.

Group Leader - Your 'group' is depending on me to make wise decisions and stay organized. Whatever I can do to make your event go smoothly, I will be happy to assist you. It is the responsibility of the group leader to disseminate information to all members of a multitude.

Mediator - Mediation is the process in which a neutral third party (mediator) assists the conflicting parties to come to an agreement between them. The mediator's role is to assist the negotiations by helping to establish the ground rules for the discussions and by promoting clear communication. The mediator will remain neutral and cannot make a decision for the parties. Any DJ / MC / Event Planner must be able to remain calm in the face of adversity. Of course, he or she must be personable and, as mentioned earlier, a good negotiator. I, at times, become the mouthpiece for the Bride and Groom when it comes to placement of flowers, coordinating with a band and photographer, caterer, etc. My reputation depends on it. Since most brides & grooms-to-be have neither the time or the resources to pull off such a social chore, many are turning to us "pro's" to handle it for them. A good mediator should be able to do just that, "handle" the situation.

Source Of Stability - Weddings (for instance) are actually very complex emotional mazes. Even the most well-planned, beautifully orchestrated event has some sort of emotional twist or turn that a professional must be able to skillfully negotiate. The DJ is, at times, the one person who knows the most about the event. It is imperative that he/she literally be "on top" of everything, sometimes every finite detail. One never knows when pandemonium may break out or when the bride (or her mother) may call for an update on a certain portion of the wedding. Knowing all of the little intricacies on the event allows for a fair amount of control. Control is an important issue when it comes to dealing with a group of people (no matter what the occasion!). This is not to say that your DJ will rule the event with an iron fist (although this has been know to occur...), rather it means that he or she will have the capability and the confidence in knowing all of the issues and their meanings as they pertain to any particular wedding or event.

Appreciative Provider - "Thank You". No, I really mean it. "Thank You". Now, isn't that refreshing? Many experts have suggested how better to serve and satisfy customers. I see the relationship between customer and service provider as give and take, it's not only a one sided relationship. When you give better service, customers appreciate you more. When you give lousy service, customers can be a pain in the neck. The flipside is also true. When you are an. appreciative and considerate customer, people tend to serve you better. When you rant and fume and pound the table, people serve you grudgingly, if at all.

Your Newest Best Friend - Service so personalized and up front that not only do I become part of your planning committee, your MC, DJ, Entertainer, Educator, Problem Solver, Group Leader, Mediator and Provider, I will naturally become your "Newest Best Friend" because our relationship will hopefully continue way beyond the day I am hired for. This, in a nut-shell, is the secret to my success.

Inspiration for this article based upon published thoughts by DJ / MC / Entertainer / Seminar Guru and friend
David Van Enger; Music In Motion, Sacramento, California

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