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We are not competitors in the old-school sense anymore; We are now brothers (and sisters) in a completely different world from when our industry was in its hay-day of the early 80's. The days of anonymously calling other DJs around town looking to see the average prices are over...There's no longer any reason to hide such info because all the numbers are now well known industry facts (along with some other items I will be sharing within this page).

The average price for a peak-time wedding in the Tampa Bay area is currently $800.

I currently charge:

  • $1200 for a normal Saturday evening peak-time wedding reception for up to 6 hours,

  • $1000 for Mitzvahs for up to 4 hours performance time,

  • $900 for normal Holiday events for up to 6 hours performance time,

  • $900 for New Years Eve event; A $500 surcharge is added to the normal wedding rate,

  • $600 for all other peak-time non-wedding / non-mitzvah / non-holiday events for up to 4 hours.

I invite you to attend our next American Disc-Jockey Association Tampa Bay Chapter meeting (every last Monday evening) where egos are always left at the door. This will ultimately give you the best leg-up into the local mobile entertainment community. I am currently not yet on the Board Of Directors.

Yes, we must all continue to stay educated to stay on top with all the new trends, but don't be fooled into complacency of your abilities; We must at all times make every effort to keep our business and our techniques fresh... not only by education, but by striving for originality via research, invention and development.

We are also naturally set apart, NOT by our knowledge of ANY technique, but by our uniqueness in personality. It is who and how we are... NOT something that can be purchased in the back of a hotel meeting room after some mobile DJ seminar at any given convention. The products found at these venues are not only valuable, but necessary for the development of any up-and-coming entertainer within our industry... But the implementation of these products are up to YOU and YOUR UNIQUENESS to successfully build upon their intended purpose.

Isn't this why the teacher swatted your head with a ruler every time you were caught looking over at your neighbor's test paper?

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